Link to my senior thesis project webpage which seeks to answer the question, "how can storytelling be most impactful to environmental policymakers?"

Solutions journalism piece exploring the efficacy of "Boomerang Bags," a Durham, NC initiative to reduce single use plastic bag waste. 

In March 2020, I called my family members to hear how they were approaching food and cooking in the initial stages of the pandemic. Together, we explored our family’s generational wisdom and how my relatives have used creativity to find resilience through food. 

When Poetry Sparks Healing

On episode 3 of the Charlotte Art League's Artist Spotlight Series, Glenn Proctor shares about his life as a poet. We explore how writing can become a powerful vehicle for personal healing, community building, and mentorship. 
On episode 1 of Charlotte Art League's Artist Spotlight Series, Rosa Renteria shares her journey to become a professional artist in Charlotte. We talk about the emotions that are attached to art and how she puts her artistic identity in perspective with the rest of her life. 
As kids growing up, sometimes our largest wounds are scraped knees from falling off our bikes. Once these scars fade though, what comes and takes their place?
Laura Benzing shares how she uses her passion for hiking as a method of escape from life, culminating in her completion of the 2,184 mile long Appalachian trail. 
On Episode 2 of the Charlotte Art League's Artist Spotlight Series, artist Nayana shares her journey with fiber arts. We explore how the act of creating art can allow a person to better understand larger issues and prompt important conversions with each other. 
Last spring, I coached a group of high schoolers through the process of producing a podcast from start to finish. Together, we created this podcast as a tool to answer the question, “how can friendships inspire local community change?”
On episode 4 of CAL's Artist Spotlight Series, James Sisk traces his artistic journey starting as a young "doodler" to now teaching monthly "Learn to Paint Like Bob Ross" classes here at CAL. Together, we discuss how painting can create spaces of peace, act as a powerful coping tool, and become a bridge for intergenerational connection.