Dorothy and Larry Dunkins have served Duke University’s Sanitation and Recycling department for a combined 41 years. Work Family takes a journey into their team's everyday responsibilities, how faith impacts their family's work philosophy, and what culture shift they hope to see from the student body.

Exploring a changing landscape through archival footage, Roots in the Great Lakes documents the unprecedented changes in Lake Michigan due to the climate crisis.

After learning of a plan to clear-cut 50 acres of mature bottomland forest, concerned community members rallied together to form the Booker Creek Alliance. Together, the grassroots activism organization reckons with stormwater mitigation solutions and shares how to organize a movement. 

A Charlotte-area company uses an innovative approach to farming in hopes of mitigating food insecurity and shortages in plant-based protein sources. 
With the help of dedicated community members, the Charlotte Art League plans relocation in hopes of furthering their mission of making art accessible in Charlotte. 
In September 2020, the Charlotte Art League partnered with Howie Acres to create yard signs and art pieces for residents to display in their lawns. Displaying messages of unity, hope, and passion, these signs are a powerful display of the rich history and community that the residents of Howie Acres have built over the last 75 years.
On Christmas day, a young Charlottean lost his drone, but after hearing the story, local videographer Kevin Young surprised him with a filming lesson with his own equipment. 
This promotional video focuses on A Design Partnership’s new online course which aims to make interior design marketing more accessible. 
In an Instagram Live event with Public Citizen, Rep. Jayapal stresses the importance of equitable global vaccine access. This series of highlight videos was shared on Twitter by Public Citizen and Rep. Jayapal’s accounts.